Irrigation and Drainage



Renworx is able to provide reliable and best value solutions for your irrigation requirements. All our systems are designed to suit each individual client’s requirements and use the most effective and appropriate products available to cope with the demands of the hot and humid Australian climate.

Whether you require a complete design and system specification, installation, reinstatement or ongoing maintenance, we deliver professional, value services to our clients.

Our team provides a one stop shop solution for all irrigation and drainage solutions. We are dedicated and committed to providing best value and cost effective irrigation and irrigation packages, backed by an excellent on-going service and support regime and total impartial engineering advice and solutions.

  • Sports Field Irrigation
  • Horticultural and Open Space/Parkland Irrigation


Renworx offers sports turf drainage solutions to whatever type of natural turf surface or recreational area is required. We understand that efficient and effective drainage is paramount in maintaining a high quality surface.

An efficient system will eliminate most drainage problems, reduce compaction and allow easier and more effective maintenance. Improved drainage will result in better soil structure and a better quality grass sward and ultimately a better playing surface.

  • Sports field Drainage
  • Horticultural and Agricultural Drainage
  • Sand Slitting- this is used in addition to subsurface drainage