Corporate Responsibility

Our People

As a member of the Renworx team, you are highly valued. From safety through to programs to build skills and advance careers, we do everything we can to protect, promote and nurture every one of our team members. We encourage growth, reward success and create a culture where everyone can be his or her best.


Our Environment

Renworx believes that taking care of our environment goes far beyond creating beautiful surfaces, and we encourage and support our team to constantly research and innovate new ways to minimise our footprint through environmentally-responsible best practices. Our world is everyone’s responsibility and at Renworx we make it our job to help protect and preserve it.

Our Communities

The places where we work are also part of the communities in which we live and play and our commitment is to give back where we can. This we do through donating our time, skills, expertise, and resources. We take pride in helping our communities prosper and thrive, through our passion for the services we offer.


We are passionate about what we do and therefore focus our attention on initiatives that support our workforce and enhance and protect our surrounding environments and we encourage communities to share the same passion.